Homemade haute patisserie

Zabaglione semifreddo with raspberry coulis € 7,50

Chef’s Fettallatte: soft sponge cake with cocoa and hazelnut filled with milk cream € 7,50

Brownies cup with coconut cream and chocolate ganache € 7,50

Sicilian pistachio “semifreddo” with fresh grapes, walnuts and honey € 7,50

Sicilian cannoli tasting with Sicilian ricotta cheese € 8,50
– with candied orange and chocolate drops, pistachio garnish
– with lemon and ginger, and coconut garnish
– with hazelnut and amaretto biscuit, and hazelnut garnish

Tiramisù tris: chocolate hazelnut, pistachio and raspberry € 8,50

Lattementa: mint flavoured ricotta cheese and yogurt on cocoa biscuit and dark chocolate curls € 7,50

Almond flour and puffed amaranth tart with raspberry sauce and fresh berries € 7,50

Tiramisù with mascarpone cheese cream and coffee classical recipe € 7,50

Chocolate cake with soft dark chocolate heart and pistachio ice cream * € 7,50
* To guarantee the softness of the fondue heart the particular chef’s recipe needs a fast freezing in the blast chiller at -43 ° C.

3 chocolate creamy layers: layers of white chocolate, milk and dark chocolate with amaretto biscuit crumble € 7,50

Since the dessert production takes place in a single ambiance, dishes could contain traces of nickel and other ingredients due to crossed contamination.

Ice cream and sorbets

Ice creams drowned in coffee € 6

Ice creams drowned in spirit, Baileys, Cointreau or Grand Marnier € 5,50

Ice cream: chocolate, cream, lemon, strawberry, pistachio, “fiordilatte” € 5,50

Lemon sorbet € 5,50

Artisanal bitter liquor made with selected herbs by Distilleria Libera® sorbet € 5,50

A new product line: artisanal niche products made only with natural ingredients. The herbs, the roots and the fruit are all selected from nature and mixed by Gruppo Ethos experts.