Gluten Free Restaurant and Pizzeria

In Agrate Brianza near A4 Highway

“Acqua e Farina”, located in Agrate, is one of the best restaurants for celiacs where you can have lunch or dinner.

Do you have celiac disease and often have difficulty finding a restaurant that serves gluten free food? Do you want to sit at the table in good company together with your friends, tasting the same dishes? We will be satisfied in the best possible way.

Our restaurant, near the A4 motorway exit, is characterized by its attention to food intolerances and in the area our gluten-free restaurant is frequently visited by those who rightly do not give up a good plate of pasta, some tasty bread, a typical pizza and many other delicacies (such as lasagne and gnocchi) that originally contain gluten.You can then switch to a good second course based on grilled meat and finish lunch or dinner with a great dessert.

Our gluten-free pizzas have the same taste as the traditional ones, but they also become delicious for coeliacs. In fact, for pasta procurement, we rely on “Soluzioni Alimentari”, a well-known artisan laboratory specializing in the production of gluten free foods. Four types of flour are used for the dough!